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Why Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins is Used?

According to a vein doctor, Varicose veins are those veins in your body that become abnormally large and painful. They swell and can be visible almost like thick ropes jutting out of the skin. Varicose veins mostly occur all over the legs. The reason behind this painful condition is a disease called venous reflux.

This disease does not allow the valves in your veins to function as they should. As a result, blood does not flow from the legs to the heart and backs up in the legs, causing the veins to dilate and you may feel pain in calves or cramps or itching and burning of the skin. You need vein treatment new jersey to keep yourself better from this condition.

Varicose veins are generally a hereditary condition but can also be linked to factors like pregnancy, obesity, and standing for long hours every day, which cause chronic vein injury. Patients complain of swelling and pain in the calves which subside temporarily after resting with the feet kept at a somewhat elevated position.

If you are located anywhere near New Jersey, you can find a vein specialist new jersey to treat your condition. There are various options available for the treatment of varicose veins. One of the more popular ones is Sclerotherapy which is explained below.

Procedure of Sclerotherapy

This varicose vein treatment procedure involves injecting a solution with the help of a very fine needle into the varicose veins to make them sticky. This does not cause much pain and you will be able to bear the slight prick of the needle without much discomfort.

After this, compression is applied to the vein which closes it up, and then the vein gets absorbed by the body gradually. This treatment requires multiple sessions. Vein specialist near me new jersey use compression bandages and will also give you stockings which you will need to wear for some days.

A Vein specialist suggests walking a mile every day after the procedure, but with supportive compression wraps to keep the treated vessels compressed. They also advise avoiding hot baths and direct exposure to sunlight as well as applying any hot compress to the injected areas for at least three days. You should also not run after the procedure for at least one week.

There are some visible side effects of the vein treatment. If the varicose veins are too large, they may become lumpy and stiff after being injected with the solution and may take a long time to resolve. The red marks on the spots where you get injections will disappear soon but there might be some bruising on those spots which might last some days or even weeks. If you notice any brown spots or lines on the area where injections are given, there is no need to worry. These will disappear in a few month’s time.

So if you are suffering from varicose veins and find the pain interfering with your life or if you feel embarrassed about the way your legs look, you can opt for Sclerotherapy which is the best varicose vein treatment near me, and get beautiful and pain-free legs.

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