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Sclerotherapy: When Will You Need It?

When you have only a couple of areas with varicose or spider veins. It might be possible that you won’t have to suffer from much discomfort or pain. However, with passing time they may affect larger areas of the skin causing an unsightly appearance and discomfort. In such a case, seeking professional spider vein treatment and consultation from a vein doctor NJ will be the best option.

At the initial stage, your vein specialist NJ might recommend wearing compression stockings. This lifestyle change can be a remarkable step in order to deal with the minor issues of varicose veins. The options in compression stockings may include support pantyhose, over-the-counter gradient compression pantyhose, and gradient compression pantyhose that can be found easily at your doctor’s office for spider vein treatment near me.

If the level of vein disorder increases, your doctor at vein clinic Paramus may recommend the commonest method i.e sclerotherapy in order to treat the abnormal veins.


Your vein doctor will use injections to cure the abnormal veins. He/She delivers the saline solution directly to the affected veins. The solution causes veins to swell. After that, the walls get stuck together and start fading eventually. This makes the blood rearrange its route through the healthy veins. After a few weeks of the treatment, you will notice the fading signs over the treated spot. This treatment at veins clinic Paramus typically does not involve the administration of anesthesia. It can be conducted at the doctor’s veins clinic Paramus. After the procedure, the patient is able to resume his daily activities.

The recommendation of treatment sessions may vary according to the size of the treatment. If you have a single affected spot, your problem may get treated with a single injection. But if the size of the problem is bigger, you may need more than one treatment session. You will have to visit your doctor every two to six weeks. After the completion of treatment, your doctor will recommend wearing compression stockings to reduce the possibilities of reversing the vein problem.

The patients may experience some side effects after the procedure including red bruises or swelling over the treated area. But these will go away eventually.

Side effects:

  • The only disadvantage of the procedure is that patients may complain about red patches and inflammation over the treated area. These side effects are generally caused due to the injection used during the treatment. But these changes are temporary as they will disappear over time.

  • Rarely, you may experience lumps of blood that can become trapped in a treated vein and cause inflammation. This can’t be counted as a serious condition as the swelling can be relieved by applying heat to the affected area. You may be recommended to intake OTC remedies such as aspirin. During the next doctor visit, the blood can be trapped and drained using the way of a tiny pinprick.

Consult your doctor first for any type of vein treatment.

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